Employment Challenges for International Students in Australia

Employment Challenges for International Students in Australia

Being an international student is not all sweetness and light. The transition from native place to a completely new country with new work culture, personal opinions, and ways of doing day to day things can shake up most of the international students.

Some are brave enough to overcome those challenges and hustle hard to achieve their dream of a better future. Many young graduates land in Australia for better opportunities, and better financial rewards for their hard work. All of them are fuelled by a desire to make their parents, family, and friends proud.

But the journey to achieve this beautiful dream is paved with obstacles and fear of the unknown driven by lack of information and pressure to accomplish all the goals.

The scenario is tough and challenging. The students were already struggling previously, and to add more to the woes, the COVID-19 pandemic happened. In a competitive global labour market, the ability to gain work experience and access a wide range of employment opportunities should be a driving force for international students. This is survival of the fittest kind of situation.

There are several ways to start your career, and working in a big city like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth can lead to other opportunities. The best way is to get started in IT & Telecommunications job types.

Is there any solution to our plight?

To get a job in Australia, it is important to get prior work experience or showcase your proficiency with industry-recognized certifications. There are 2 options available

  1. Internship — The internship culture in Australia is rising. But it is not feasible for everyone. Some of the challenges are

a. Lesser time for jobs that actually financially support

b. Struggles of attending multiple classes and keeping up with the university curriculum

c. Fewer internship opportunities

d. Unpaid/poorly paid internships

e. Last-mile connectivity struggles from University campus to internship to work

2. Certification Courses — For those who can’t get an internship due to whatsoever reason, online certification courses are the best option to showcase expertise, enterprise, and initiative competency.

Most of the certification programs are not industry-recognized and that will be a waste of time, money and opportunity due to competition

We, at GradVantage, offer you a unique platform to help you fill that gap. We are providing certification courses for the hottest jobs in the market — Cloud Consulting with specialization in Salesforce and AWS. The program content is curated from multiple sources by practitioners and in conjunction with employers

Highlights of the GradVantage Programs

  1. Personalised course based on Assessment
  2. Curated content developed and validated by employers
  3. Group and 1–1 sessions
  4. Ongoing Evaluation
  5. 30 minutes with an industry mentor every week
  6. Cloud technology overview and comparison
  7. Development of an in-depth Business Case like a Pro
  8. Design a High-Level Solution like a real Consultant
  9. Creation of own mini-project to WOW hiring companies
  10. Soft Skill assistance
  11. Resume review and re-design
  12. 3 Mock interviews
  13. Workplace Etiquettes
  14. Most importantly culminates in a demo day where you get in front of employers and recruiters

The whole program is cost-effective as well with the cost of the program equivalent to your daily cup of coffee a day. The journey to the final destination is tough. And we want to be a part of your success story by helping you achieve your goal.

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